If you’ve made your way to The Squeeze and you aren’t an immediate member of my family (hi, Mom), welcome! I created The Squeeze several years ago when I came to the startling realization that I may not be living to the fullest. Thus, this blog became a living, breathing mantra to make sure I was wringing every last drop out of life … and knowing, always, that the juice is worth the squeeze.

So, who am I?

Well, professionally, I go by Julie Sprankles. I’m an entertainment and lifestyle writer who pounds the keyboard for a living, along with other fun creative stuff. Some mornings, I chat with celebrities like Sarah Jessica ParkerJosh Duhamel, and Sophia Bush. Other mornings, just getting through the emails in my inbox is kind of a win. Because I’m a full-time work-from-home mom, the medium I’m most adept in is chaos.


Personally, though, my friends call me Jules.

I am a new soul in the old south. A little bit of a hippie at heart. I make mistakes, often, but try to never make the same ones twice. My sweet (read: crazy) family and I live in an old fixer-upper a few miles from our favorite beach — my husband jokes I need to live close to the sea lest “my gills” dry out. I’m a chronic insomniac, grammar junkie and, if we’re really being honest, terribly competitive. A few of my favorite pastimes are watching campy SyFy creature features —Pirahnaconda? Sand Sharks? Yes, please! — and searching for dance workout routines on the internet that I will undoubtedly look ridiculous doing. I can be stubborn, but I try my best to never be too inflexible with friends and family.

Here at The Squeeze, I hope to give myself the space to grow and learn and be present. I want to be a person who lives each day for itself, as Sylvia Plath put it, like a string of colored beads.

Want to know anything else, just ask. I’m an open book!