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How to Pick the Perfect Haircuts for Little Boys Who Are Cool AF

haircuts for little boys

Back in the day when my now-king-of-all-wild-things 4 year old was a toddler, I took to the wonderful world of the interwebz to sleuth out some killer haircuts for little boys — the overgrown bowl-cut we’d saddled the poor guy with begged for an overhaul. And tbh, we’ve been trying ever since to figure it out. What’s the secret to nailing down a cool AF haircut befitting of our rad little guy?

The truth remains that whether you’re a mom deciding on a cute haircut for a toddler boy or teenage son (or just encouraging your husband or boyfriend to be more stylish in 2017), picking the right hairstyle is part art and part science. As we all know, not everyone can pull off every hairstyle, and it seems this reality is partially due to face shape. Need proof? Please refer to the blunt bangs and bob I sported in 5th grade.

So I found it pretty fortuitous when I came across a beautiful resource explaining how to determine your face shape and the best haircuts for each. The bloggers at Men’s Hairstyles Today slayed it by compiling the best haircuts for boys who have oval, round, square, oblong, diamond and triangle face shapes.

For example, if your cute little boy’s kissable face is oval, get him a short haircut with spiky, combed over, or slicked back hair. Similarly, if your man’s face appears more square, try buzz and crew cuts or longer styles such as brush ups and messy crops.

Easy peasy, right?

I look forward to putting this logic to good use when we take Bowen to the barber again. If like me, you’ve been trying to figure out how to choose the top trendy haircut for the favorite fella in your life, look no further! This gorgeous infographic has got you covered.

How to Pick the Perfect Haircut, By Face Shape

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