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12 Cozy Quotes in Celebration of the Winter Solstice


As I grow older, I find that I look forward to winter more and more. Admittedly, this could largely be due to the weather — living in the South, the summers seem to get longer and hotter with each passing year. While the tan-legged, summer-loving me of my youth would quite possibly have slathered on some Hawaiian Tropic oil and celebrated the growing presence of the sunny months, the me of now craves the crisp coolness that comes with winter.

It’s about more than just the number on the weather dial, though. Winter also encourages introspection. It’s a time of year when you retreat not only into your home, but also into yourself to an extent for shelter. For comfort. For renewal. It’s really a beautiful thing, when you think about it.

Consider that the shortest day of the year comes on the winter solstice. We have less time for all of the extraneous stuff that tends to weigh us down — there are just enough hours in the day to do what needs to be done. No more, no less. There’s a certain poetry to that.

And, of course, after the winter solstice the days begin to get longer and the nights shorter. This seasonal shift heralds the swing back around toward the spring, thus bringing our year full-circle.

Although I’d be remiss not to mention that there a few treasured holidays and traditions throughout the month surrounding winter solstice: namely Christmas and New Year’s. However, some cultures still observe ancient, pagan-based solstice festivals such as Feast of Juul and Saturnalia.

So just in time for the winter solstice, I pulled some quotes that celebrate this special time of year. Grab a cup of something warm and yummy, hunker down in your favorite nubby blanket, and get cozy with these words of winter.

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